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World Lymphedema Awareness Day is March 6!

Celebrate Lymphedema Awareness Month with us and help increase awareness about this condition.

Ways to celebrate

Educate Your Community. Discuss lymphatic diseases with your friends, family, employers or special groups. Give out flyers/handouts to make people aware of this condition and fellow advocates. There are websites that provide free downloadable resources for you to use.

Hold a fundraiser. Partner with organizations that advocate for those living with lymphatic disorders and do simple things like a bake sale or an online fundraiser on Facebook. Other ideas include asking for donations instead of gifts, collect and redeem recyclables, hold an auction or donate the proceeds of a yard sale. There are a number of creative ways to raise funds.

Submit a World Lymphedema Day resolution to your local or state government. There are ready made, fill-in templates available and ready for your signature to send to your representatives. The only way to enact change, and support for medical research and care is to make them aware of the need! Everyone can do this! Here is an email address that would like to know if you choose this option to advance the cause:

Ask for landmarks to be lit TEAL for World Lymphedema Day

Join or become a member of organizations that support the research and advancements of lymphatic diseases treatment and/or cures.

We can all be advocates!

Fun Facts:World Lymphedema Day color: TealLymphedema Awareness Month color: SilverSymbol of Lymphedema: Butterfly (


Lymphedema Therapy

TherapyWorks now offers complete decongestive therapy services for the treatment of lymphedema at our Orange Park location.  We can very effectively manage and treat this condition with the use of compression, specific lymphatic massage, exercise and skin care.  Please share with someone that you know that may be suffering from this condition or have them contact us at 904-348-5511.