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Here’s What Our Customers are Saying

“All of the massage therapists are fantastic, I love it when the therapists can explain to me why I have the pain and where the muscles are connected etc… The therapist worked only where I said I wanted treatment and he used just the perfect amount of pressure. AHHHHHHH…..Thank You!”
“If you want to stay healthy or if you’re coming back from a running injury, TherapyWorks will get you back on track.”
“I came in with pain in my back and 4 days after treatment I was scheduled to run a marathon. I felt much better the next day and each day after. I ran the 26.2 miles and finished! Thank you!”
Jodi K.,
“The massage I received was OUTSTANDING! Thank you for being different and providing a service that is hard to find. You provided a real massage, not just a Spa massage.”
Roxanne C.,
“My massage therapy treatment was the key to my successful recovery from my auto accident. Wonderful staff, very professional – very good at what they do!”
Angel O.,
“Been experiencing muscular pain for the past year; Alicia massaged my muscles and I walked out without pain…very satisfied.”
Susan L.,
“I didn’t expect my first treatment to make a big difference, but it did. I feel so much better already, and for the first day since my accident, I feel ready to take on the work day. The pressure isn’t gone, but it feels more evenly distributed. I just wanted to say thanks for doing a good job and helping me get fixed up. I’m sure I’ll see alot more progress with the remaining treatments!”
“The therapist tailored the massage to my individual needs, taking the time to assess problem areas and areas of pain or tightness.”
Jamie C.,
“I was referred by my doctor to TherapyWorks. Alicia was my therapist. I had terrible back pain, the therapist made me feel good and my back is better. She’s an excellent massage therapist.”
“With the help of the therapist, I was able to enjoy life again and back to work!”
“Therapy Works is fabulous! They helped me with my pinched nerve problem and I am no longer in any pain! (I still have slight numbness in the tip of my pointer finger/thumb– but I am no longer in any type of pain!) My therapist, Emilie, was very friendly, professional and kind! She made my therapy sessions fun and when I arrived to every session, it seemed like I was coming to visit with old friends– from the other therapists to the front desk; Everyone was amazing! :-)”
Brad H.,