IMG_6490Please arrive 10 minutes early for you first appointment in order to complete all necessary paperwork.
Be sure to specify whether you are more comfortable with a male or female therapist. It is not unreasonable to ask this question since our goal is to optimally benefit you.

Depending on what specific condition you are being treated for, our therapist will perform the initial assessment which will include going over your medical history or any other health concerns that you may have questions about.

We have medical gowns and shorts available for your convenience. In addition, many women and men may wear their bathing suits, especially for the first appointment.

The therapist will then perform a postural examination to look for any significant imbalances within your musculoskeletal system.

You may be asked to lie or sit on the table so the therapist can perform a palpatory exam to locate trigger points, taut muscles and tender points that may be involved in your condition.  They may also take some specific range of motion measurements and test your strength in order to determine the best course of treatment for your condition.

Please always communicate with your therapist on whether the pressure is too light or too deep. Pressure should be moderate but not cause any pain.

Once the treatment is completed, the therapist will go over your plan of care and goal setting.
You will be advised to sit up slowly and drink plenty of water to help rehydrate and help flush out toxins that have been released from your muscles tissue.

Then you will reschedule for your follow-up treatments.